Veteran Thoroughbred breeder Larry Falloon has brought Nonios, a proven sire and winner, to Manitoba. In this Canadian Thoroughbred profile, we learn that when Falloon started out, he knew little about racing and breeding, but got hooked when his first two horses were winners and his first home-bred foal grew up to win too.

When the opportunity arose to purchase Nonios, Falloon and partners Andrew Clarke and Denis Huberdeau saw a chance to bring something special to Manitoba racing. Nonios has pedigree, has already produced winners, and he had some impressive wins himself. He also has real heart — a quality everyone wants.

Falloon truly loves his horses, providing them with the best of everything and spending time with them daily. He still loves learning from other breeders as well as his partners, who share his ultimate goal of winning the Manitoba Derby with one of the horses they breed.

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