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A Perfect Match: Find an instructor who is compatible with you

The perfect instructor is someone that brings out the best in you. You might not always be friends (and you don’t need to be, outside of the lessons), but you respect the person because he or she knows your strengths and weaknesses, are skilled


Animal Welfare – Legislation in Canada

Catherine Willson reviews the animal welfare legislation in Canada.


Housing Options for Horses

You may be able to switch it up a bit - pasture board your horse at a friend's place in the summer, then move to another facility for the winter.


Too Much Love: Animal Hoarding Explained

People with hoarding disorder can find themselves caring for too many animals, which results in secrets, shame and suffering. What can be done about it?


Your First Horse

After years of begging and pleading, working and saving, your parents have finally agreed to buy you a horse! Now what do you do?


Letting Them Go

Thinking about end of life decisions for our equine partners is something we would prefer to avoid, but being prepared can help make it easier.


Equine Welfare Guidelines

To improve welfare standards for horses around the world, researchers are working to develop a set of guidelines for how they are managed and handled.


Keeping the Herd Happy

Horses are evolutionarily designed to avoid confrontation and embrace affiliation in order to reap the most benefit from living within a group.


The Fine Print

If you're planning to build on your property, it's important to research things like permits, insurance and guarantees before you break ground.


30 Point Trailer Safety Check

Follow this essential checklist for horse, vehicle and trailer to ensure you and your horse arrive safe and sound every time you travel.