All Hallows’ Eve (aka Halloween) is less than a week away and while you might be planning, or planning to attend, a costume party, don’t forget your equine partner. Playing dress-up with your horse can be great fun, so celebrate the spooky season and create lasting memories with your equine companion.

5 Reasons Why You & Your Horse Should Dress Up

1. Call it a super-fun bonding experience. The planning and designing are only part of the process. The actual dressing up yourself and your horse or pony, complete with grooming, braids, colorful accessories and anything your imagination conjures, can strengthen the human-horse connection.

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2. You’re Ready for Your Close-up. Let’s be honest, a horse in costume makes for fantastic photo ops for your social media accounts. Posting all the fun spreads Halloween cheer and showcases your horse’s personality.


3. Themed Group Costumes. If you ride with friends, you can coordinate themed group costumes for both horses and riders. It’s a great way to showcase your teamwork and enjoy the holiday spirit together. Engaging in Halloween silliness can boost your own holiday spirit and introduce a touch of whimsy to your equestrian activities.


4. Entertain People: Kids and adults alike adore seeing horses dressed up for Halloween. By taking your costumed horse to a local school, seniors home or community or charity event, you can share the excitement with others, making the day even more magical.



5. Your Horse Might Love It. If your horse thrives on attention and isn’t too spooky (pun intended) to wear a Halloween costume, chances are it will soak up the festivities while also giving them a change of pace, keeping them stimulated and engaged.

5 Favorite Costumes for You & Your Horse

While there will be more than a fair share of Barbie and Ken and Taylor and Travis on the prowl for candy this year, choosing a Halloween costume for your horse can be just as fun. When selecting the costume, consider your horse’s comfort, safety, and any restrictions they may have while wearing the costume. Wear a helmet to protect your own noggin, too. Here are some favorite Halloween costume ideas for your horse.

1. Ghost: The ghost costume for dogs went viral this year, and several people opted to adapt the one-sheet-fits-all for their horses, too.


2. Witch or Wizard: Dress your horse as a witch or wizard by adding a pointy hat, a cape, and perhaps even a broomstick or wand.


3. Skeleton: A skeletal costume can be both spooky and stylish. Paint your horse’s body with a skeleton pattern and add a matching mask or hood.


4. Pumpkin: Turn your horse into a giant pumpkin with an orange sheet or blanket, and a green hat or mane to mimic the pumpkin’s stem.


5. Safari Animal: Imagine the possibilities, zebra, giraffe, elephant. Paint goes a long way to ensuring you capture the wildlife of your dreams. Add your own part of the costume, opting for a safari guide or another animal to complete the look.


Trick or Treat!