It’s that time of year again! Eggnog, Christmas carols, Hallmark movies and horses! What better way to celebrate than at the barn, and we don’t just mean the annual stable party.

A slew of us horse owners have taken to social media to express our seasonal joy as well as our passion for our equine partners. Like we did last year, we’ve scoured Instagram to bring you a curated collection of holiday horse images to give you some creative inspo you can take to the barn.

Judging by our unscientific study of the numbers, wreathes remain the most popular equine adornment. And why not? They can be easily assembled and tied around your horse’s neck. Word of advice, practice this with your horse before photo day to ensure that all the ribbons and ornaments don’t cause discomfort or panic. Same goes for any type of costume — safety of horse and rider first! Read our pro tips for nailing the perfect horse photo here.

Runners-up in the costume category are Santa hats, reindeer antlers, and red accessories (for horse and human) which also make stunning holiday statement photos. Here are some of our favourite highlights from Instagram.

American photographer Kirstie Marie, @kirstieeemarie posted gorgeous wreathes on her family’s new pony, Chicken Nugget:


as well as these beauties:


If you won’t be having a white Christmas this year, take a gander at this stunning grey horse instead. The wreath and decorated doorway are Christmas card perfection. @annemiekebuizer


It’s tough to beat Gypsy Vanners for their photogenic good looks. That’s why we love the account @libontova, a professional horse trainer who loves to get in the holiday spirit.


Friesians are no slouches in the beauty department either, hence their frequent appearances in movies and television. And @lord_dorian_the_friesian is no different (he also made our list last year). He and his owner got into the holiday mood with a Santa hat and red accessories.


This good-tempered Friesian went all out, but we especially love the floppy antlers as he’s led around the ring in this video from @valdus_thefriesian.


Luxe manes aren’t only for Friesians and Gypsy horses either — just ask @haflinger_storm_naomi who looks coiffed for the holiday while wearing both a Santa hat and wreath beside her owner.


The expression on this horse’s face, @badgerthepaint knows he’s killing it!


Some owners chose to go for the whole Santa suit vibe like @roamphotography, who posted a spiffy palomino decked out in red faux fur with white trim like a certain holiday character.


Others chose to forgo tradition and got creative in other ways, like @britta.feldmann, the owner of this grey with the festive braids


Some professional photographers ‘sleighed’ the season (sorry) using horses and holiday décor as props. Bonus if the horse likes to show off, as found with this stunning buckskin wearing a coordinating wreath.


And of course, there will always be those who go all out and join in the merriment by dressing up with their horses for the perfect holiday photo op, as seen here:


and here:


and here:


But the main takeaway from all this holiday cheer is that you spend some creative and quality time snuggling with your horse. Just like Danish rider @sieljadantved with her Drum Horse.


From all of us at, we wish you a happy, healthy, and horsey holiday season.