We ran a story about horse owners styling their equine partners for Halloween, and we thought surely those same creative types would pull out all the stops for this holiday season. We were right! While the costumes are more traditional, there seems to be no shortage of ways to get you and your horse in the Christmas spirit!

If you do decide to try one of these at home, ensure that you and your horse are in a safe environment because sometimes even the most bombproof horse, if confronted by weird accessories like wreaths, hats, or antlers, can get spooked!


Wreaths are a big theme for this time of year and there is no shortage of patient horses wearing them around their neck.

The gorgeous black horse wearing a wreath in this post is from UK photographer Sophie Drewicz. Her post, “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” is definitely a stunner:

Not to be outdone is Dutch dressage rider Anne Mieke Buizer who opted for a wreath of red and gold, and matching red halter for her holiday portrait. A perfect colour combo for the chestnut horse she’s posing with!


Friesian Fantasy

‘Tis the season for Friesian owners to show off their black steeds in all their photographic glory. Whether it’s spectacular wreaths, as posted by @friesian_envy:

and @blackmagic_friesiananna:

or red butterflies woven into a thick mane @lord_dorian_the_friesian:

or all-out hat and polos, also from Lord Dorian, the horses seem to enjoy being front and centre(piece).


Santa Hats

Santa hats are also ubiquitous on the horse holiday photo-op. Equine photographer Jodi Sargent admits it’s “never too early for photos of Christmas horses” showing a handsome Quarter Horse wearing the classic red-and-white hat:

The pony wearing a hat and matching holiday halter @minishetty_liebe certainly looks jaunty:

as do Big Blue Sea, Turf Cruncher, Whisper and Smooth Sound from South Africa’s Yellowwood Park Stables:


It wouldn’t be holiday dress-up if antlers weren’t involved. Horses spook like deer, don’t they? As much as dogs look silly in antlers, horses look, well, just as silly! But it’s fun for us hoomans.

Take Champ. whose owner even rides him while he dons the antlers:

Of course, if you add video and music, you can really get into the holiday vibe, take @pferde.de_team, whose two horses seem game to partake in the festivities!

Horses & Their Holiday Humans

To celebrate our love for our horses and all they do for us, many owners and riders choose to go all out with their own outfit, matching their horses for the perfect selfie. We love the festive garb – wreath, antlers, bells, Christmas sweater and elf hat – on both horse and human on equine influencer @laurenellaequine:

Fourteen-year-old dressage rider and influencer Emma Vandyck @emmavandyck_dressage_ chose a holiday “little red riding hood” look to pose with her wreath-wearing equines:

Why not wear a Santa hat (and coat) so you and your horse can match like @the.pony.april did?

Going All Out

Horse trainer Yvet Blokesch, who offers online training courses through her Feather Light Academy posted this fun and beautiful video of her and one of her equines playing hide and seek among a “grove” of Christmas trees in an indoor arena. The horse is bridleless, and at one point wears the seasons must have wreath before Blokesch “catches” him, hops on and does some tricks. On her Instagram post @featherlighthorsemanship she wrote “catching the Christmas spirit”, which is a clever (horse) play on words!

Then there’s the sight of Santa Claus in the stirrups taking some jumps on a snowy ring to music from @whinnygifts with the message, “Good news everyone! Santa’s looking on top form ahead of his big trip this week.”

And finally, there are few things more adorable than a little girl and her pony. This is especially true for Norwegian equestrian entrepreneur Line Lassgasken and her seven-year-old daughter Ella. There are multiple holiday-themed videos for you to enjoy on @linelaagasken but this one of Ella and her pony in full-Christmas regalia is simply irresistible:


We couldn’t agree more! So to all we say Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Solstice, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Holidays … or however you celebrate!