Battle of the Burrs

This week it was a toss-up on what I spent more time doing. Riding, or removing the many burrs Luc had attached to him. They weren’t just in his mane and tail. Oh no, he was COVERED. They were in his ears, stuck all over his belly, and clinging to his legs. It’s quite clear […]

Happy Birthday Kye!

Here’s our song and video for Kye, who has just turned 24! It’s all about the things that Kye loves, like liberty games.Kye evented with Bill and with Sophie Kalpin. Nowadays Kye is teaching the three-year-old filly, Spring Song, all about learning tricks, playing games and performing at liberty.

I Like the Way You Move

A few years ago while watching a tv program “The Battle of the Blades” I saw an Olympic pairs team skate to “I Like the Way You Move” by the Body Rockers. Instantly I knew I wanted to create a video of Zeloso doing the movements in the song. Finally, I’ve created the video. Hope […]

Working on the Small Things

Chinooks – the Alberta foothills crazy heating system that load up temperatures sometimes twenty, thirty degrees at a time – have hovered around this week, melting snow, but now we have ice sheets everywhere after puddles freeze solid overnight. Working horses is tricky, lumpy pastures underfoot with frozen tussocks, hidden slide spots and watering late […]

Work in Progress

Since Jen and Luc had such great success at last week’s clinic, I decided that this week it was my turn to put the big grey beast through his paces and show off a little. Unfortunately, I didn’t exactly show off the way I wanted to. More like showcased how much work I still have […]

Give Them Shelter: Run-In Sheds

The drastically changing Canadian temperatures can be hard on animals. Cold rain and strong winds can make it difficult for horses to keep warm and the summer sun can be brutal and relentless. You do not want to keep your horses in stalls all day because of the weather and your horses don’t want to […]

Preparation Prevents Panic

Equestrians are passionate individuals and would do anything for their equine friends. Although many would rather not think about a worst case scenario that could impact their animals or facility, accidents and emergencies can and do happen, despite our best efforts. From barn fires to natural disasters, emergency situations require special measures of protection and […]