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Proudest Sister on the Planet

That’s right. I am without a doubt the proudest sister on the planet right now. As some of you may remember, Jen (my sister) and Luc rocked their very first cross country schooling a few weeks ago. It was a …

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What to Leave Behind, What to Take Forward: Part 1

I wanted to share Alexandra Kurland’s reply to a recent question posted in the online course forum here, as it says so many things that people new to clicker training need to know, and there was no point in writing …

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Bill’s Trip to the Emergency Room

Monday evening Bill came off Zeloso during a jumping lesson with Dominique. Zeloso OVER jumped a small jump. Bill was a bit off balance because of this athletic maneuvour. Within a few strides there was a turn to the left …

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To Pick or Not to Pick: Ins & Outs of Field Manure Management

While not the most glamorous of topics associated with the equine industry, good manure management practices are essential for horse farm owners and the health of your horses.

Economic and environmental advantages are many and include:

• Improved soil quality …

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Small Victories

Today’s word of the day is DISTRACTED, defined as being unable to concentrate because one’s mind is preoccupied. That is how Luc felt for the majority of my latest ride. There was no real reason for it other than the …

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Spring Song on Film

Here are some videos showing Spring Song’s training progress.

Spring Song garrocha pole and gate

Obstacles set one Spring Song

Head loop Spring Song

September 2014 Favourite Things



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Horse, Follow Closely

A few weeks ago a friend gave me a book to read. It’s “Horse, Follow Closely” by GaWaNi Pony Boy. The book I read was printed in 2000 and this was the fifth printing.

GaWaNi Pony Boy starts with an …

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Pax Rocks the Show

Ron and Pax attended the Canadian Breed show near Erin this past weekend.

The biggee…would he get on the trailer in a timely fashion? He was on and happy within 30 seconds. Whew!

Saturday his first class was a halter …

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Do I Fix Riding Problems by Riding?

I always get a giggle when people new to clicker training ask ‘But when do I get to ride?’ Those of us who have been with Alex Kurland from the early days remember it was many clinics before we got …

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Outdoor Air for Indoor Care

Maintaining fresh air, comfortable temperature, and a well-lit environment for horses and humans through our ever-changing weather is challenging but achievable and economical – the natural way. And ventilating the barn properly is not only advantages to animal health, but …

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Rockin’ Out Cross Country Style

The very first thing I should do is clarify that it was not me who was rockin’ the cross country course on Luc. But I did get to attend the lesson as spectator and official golf cart seat warmer/photographer and …

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Eyes Up, Leg On

The old mantra from my previous coaches ran through my mind a lot this ride. Eyes up, leg on. It’s something I know I need to work on. I’ve started looking at photos of me riding a little more critically, …

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Spring Song Up on a Pedestal

This photo was taken Sunday. Spring Song is standing on a rotating top pedestal that has been secured so that it won’t rotate. Once Spring Song is secure in placing her hooves in the middle of the top of the …