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Intro to Cowboy Dressage

Today was a lesson on Spring Song with Alex Reinfels. Ron Marino came to help set up the Cowboy Dressage Court. We used Dominique’s measuring wheel to help position the twenty poles in the correct locations.

Alex talked us through …

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Three Sitting

Watch Zelador, Pax and Zeloso sit on their bean bags.

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My Introduction to Liberty Work

Groundwork and free (liberty) work cunningly slid into what I thought was a reasonably well informed horse knowledge life ten years back, and I bless that then seemingly odd fascination, practicing now for that section of the ‘Challenge.

Personally, I …

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Low Note, High Note

This week’s ride started off on a low note. Really low. When my sister and I arrived at the barn early Saturday morning we quickly discovered there was a lot of commotion going on – dump trucks, tractors, quads and …

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Showing Off for the New Girl

I was riding Zelador and doing different tasks while Sue Parker led Spring Song (my three-year-old partner for the 2014 American Horsewoman’s Challenge). Zelador and I opened a “gate” made out of a few horse leg wraps (polos). Sue decided …

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Challenge Accepted

As photographs go, this looks like pretty dull material. A dark bay horse munching from a haynet, big deal.

In fact, it is a big deal and it’s taken a ton of being super aware, concentrating like crazy on horse-language …

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Does Zelador Really Know the Alphabet?

Recently Allen Pogue emailed one of the “Beautiful Jim Key” booklets from 1900ish. I read it several years ago and enjoyed rereading it. One section talks about Dr. Bill Key teaching the horse the letter “A”. I’ve attempted sporadically to …

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Spray Away

I hope you enjoyed my article in the July/August issue of Horse-Canada called “Make fly spray application a breeze” about using clicker training principles to help you get your horse comfortable being sprayed, and maybe even enjoy it!

Luckily, the …

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Working and Playing Together

It is always nice to get together with like minded individuals. At a recent gathering, six of us got together to play and help each other out with our training. To be able to work together, and help each other …

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Finally…A Bit of Rest

Here we are, after the 100 mile ride at Fort St John, B.C., where we achieved our CoC (certificate of capability) to represent Canada at WEG (World Equestrian Games), having a much needed rest.

It’s been a very busy time. …

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The Epic Struggle

This week I did perhaps the most difficult thing I’ve done since I started back riding. It took every ounce of my confidence, but I pulled it off. Or rather, pulled them on. That’s right, the most difficult thing I’ve …

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Mounting 101 for Spring Song

For the past week or so I’ve fetched Spring Song from her paddock and taken her to Pax’s stall in the lower barn. This barn is new to her because she is stabled in the upper barn when she’s not …

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Relaxing in Front of the Crowd

Here are two photos of Spring Song taken at the June 1 Fundraiser for Procyon Wildlife Rescue. They were taken by Marie-Lynn Hammond.

This is Spring Song’s second outing in front of an audience of about 100 people. The first …

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The Beautiful Jim Key Movie is Coming

A movie about The Beautiful Jim Key goes into production in 2015! Morgan Freeman is starring as Dr. William Key.

Dr. Key was born in 1833, a slave. By 1880ish he was worth $100,000. I’m guessing that is millions in …