We are getting ready for the June 9th fundraiser for Matthew House Hospice in Alliston.

I put two cards on the wall, one read “Zelador” the other “I Love Carrots.” I asked him to touch the card with his name. He did. I started clicking when he touches the object I mention even though he’s quite far away from me. He returns to the pedestal and gets rewarded.

He also went to “I Love Carrots” when I asked.

He went to Titus (our mechanical horse) and, adding his own flourish, he removed the saddle pad.

He went to the mailbox.

I had three coloured cushions near the south pedestal and asked him to touch the red one. He did. A while later I asked him to touch the green one. He did.

Lolly the Lobster, who is about 10 feet long, is on the poles in the northeast corner of the arena. I brought him out and placed him on the arena floor. I asked Zelador to touch Lolly the Lobster. He thought about this for a second or two, then went to Lolly and touched it. I’ve never asked him to do anything with Lolly. Lolly’s been here for several months. Often he’s draped over Titus the mechanical horse. I don’t encourage any of the horses to go and play with Lolly. I have visions of bit and pieces of this colourful stuffed toy wafting across the arena.

We’ve been working on backing up with me in various positions. He easily backs up when I’m in front of him and at either shoulder. He can back up with me behind him if I start asking at his shoulder and continue asking along his side.

I’ll see if he can learn to back up when I’m many metres away from him.

He’s doing the crossover of his front legs in both directions and loves doing the twirl. He’ll throw in a twirl whenever he can. For example when I asked him to get the mail he twirled twice en route.