Lucian-River Chauhan, an eight-year-old actor from Calgary, Alberta, plays Luke on CBC’s Heartland. Luke, a young boy with a troubled past, is a very likeable character, as I believe many will find that he has many of the same traits that Ty (Graham Wardle) had when he first arrived at the Heartland ranch.

1. So tell us about your character of Luke on Heartland.

Luke is actually a kind-hearted kid who’s going through some challenges at home. But I can’t tell you about those challenges because you’re gonna have to tune in to Heartland to check it out.

2. Did you have any experience with horses before Heartland?

Before Heartland, I’ve ridden horses, but not going on trail rides like Amy and Ty have in the show. I also have ridden ponies from all the fairs that my mom has taken me to in the prairies.

3. So what do you enjoy most about being on the show?

I love the horses. They’re so cute, and they’re very talented actually.

4. Tell us about working with the cast.

I’ve learned so much from the cast. They’ve invited me into the Heartland family. I’ve enjoyed working with them a lot. They really took me under their wings, took me in.

5. Do you have any funny behind-the-scenes stories to share?

Well, when I was working with the horse, I can’t tell you much about it, but he was making this funny face when he was snorting. And I got scared. And then he pooped. I was like, “Oh, okay, thanks for the present.” Yeah, that was really funny.

6. So, how are you and Luke different? And how are you the same?

Well Luke is very quiet, and I’m not quiet. And he fights with a lot of kids at school and he’s angry, and I’m not very angry. We’re similar because I protect my dog, my family. And Luke protects his mom. He gets bullied, and I don’t get bullied that much at all.

7. So tell us about being cast as Luke.

I was so excited when I got the call from the captain director. I was like, “Yes, my first speaking role.” I was so surprised because I thought I did well and I didn’t know, because there was a lot of kids in there that were auditioning, and they did really well. I was very lucky to get it and work with all the amazing actors on Heartland. It just felt like a birthday, you know.

8. So what is your favorite horse on the show so far?

My favorite horse is Ty’s horse, the Harley, because he … I think it’s a … I actually don’t know, but that horse, when I was feeding the horse, when I was giving it a treat, it just spat it out. That was kind of funny as well. But that’s my favourite horse. And I can’t tell you much about this, but also the horse that I get to work with.

9. So what can fans look forward to with regard to Luke?

I’m hoping that the fans can relate to Luke’s story.

10. Do you have any advice for young, aspiring actors?

Get an agent and put in effort to what you’re doing. If you want to do this, actually do it. And also learn throughout the process. If you get a role, which is fantastic, learn the character. Don’t just be like, “Oh, whatever, I’m just gonna go in there and totally wing it,” and do a horrible job.

Heartland airs on Sundays on CBC at 7:00 p.m. (7:30 p.m. in Newfoundland).