Pax, along with Katherine’s miniature horses were in the Schomberg Christmas Parade. The weather was agreeable (about -3), no wind, no rain, no snow, YIPPEE!!!

Pax did not load in the trailer to go home. Sniff. In the DARK with a vehicle in front of Ron riding Pax and a vehicle behind the procession went west on Church Street, south to the Aurora-Lloydtown Road and east on that road. We got to Gryphon Farm where Christi and Mac found “room at the inn” for Pax to experience his first overnight/slumber party away from home.

Ron and Pax.

Good news!!!! The next morning Pax was hungry (Christi had fed him hay, but NOT his breakfast as per our wishes) and wanted to go out to a paddock. He loaded in a timely fashion and is now happily pawing through the snow at Winsong Farm to find grass.

I must say that when Bill, Ron and I arrived at Gryphon Farm Sunday morning we were a somber trio. Not one of us knew how long it would take to get Pax onto the trailer. We even planned a route for Ron to ride Pax home if push came to shove and Pax did not enter the trailer.

Also had thoughts of finding a helicopter to air-lift the sweetie.

AND, we considered making a portable “stall” for Pax to walk into. It’s only opening would be the ramp leading to the trailer…

Very loud news: Pax most certainly noticed the bagpipers warming up their pipes about ten feet to his north. Relocating Pax 80 metres further south quieted everyone down.

Good news: neither Ron or Pax noticed the reindeer in Santa’s Village along the parade route.