The Rusty Stirrup

My name is Alexa Cheater. After wrapping up my mostly unremarkable junior career where I finally managed to successfully navigate a 3’6” jumper course, I was faced with the same tough question that haunts young riders everywhere. Focus on my riding and triumphantly lead Canada into the next Olympics, or put horses aside to pursue higher education?

Fast forward more than a decade and it’s clear I chose the latter as most of you have likely never heard of me. Now with my 30th birthday looming, I’m gearing up to get back in the saddle and want to take you along for the ride as I sedately walk down the road to equestrian greatness.

Join me as I chronicle the struggle of wiggling my ample bum into a pair of breeches, as I try to get on for the first time and end up developing an irrational fear of mounting blocks, or the triumph of my first successful ride – which mostly consists of that sedate walk mentioned earlier.

Wish me luck!

A Happy Hello and Sad Goodbye

Six weeks. Three trailering delays. One nasty gash during transport. One emergency vet call. Six stitches. And a whole lot of hair pulled out in the interim, but the time has finally, finally arrived. My new horse is safely home,…

Waiting Is the Hardest Part

Patience has never been my strong suit. And let me tell you, it certainly isn’t when it comes to purchasing horses. I have finally found the right one, but have been waiting, waiting, waiting. First to go and see him,…

Exhausted and Injured: A Poor Combination

This week was a bit of a rough one for me. I spent it out of the country at an intensive business conference, flying home late Thursday evening. By the time Saturday morning rolled around, I was still feeling jet…

Let the Searching Begin!

Years ago when I sold my last horse I made myself a promise. One day, I would own a horse again. And I’m beginning to think the time to keep that promise may be rapidly approaching. Don’t get me wrong….

Keeping Things Interesting

Anyone who has followed this blog for a while may have noticed a trend. I ride, I get off, I repeat. Not every ride is an exciting one, and honestly, I’m okay with that. As much as I strive to…

Beware the Winds of Change

Or in this case, the winds of silliness. It was a very blustery day at the barn this week when I showed up. The wind was howling and the horses were wild. More than a few of them were running…

Let the Sun Shine In

It finally happened! I got to ride outside. After what seemed like the winter that would never end, this weekend it was finally warm enough—and dry enough—that I was able to take Luc out into the sand ring. But before…

It’s a Long Way Down

It’s a long way down from a 16.2hh horse to the arena dirt, and I had the pleasure of experiencing it firsthand during my latest ride. Yup, that’s right. I totally bailed off Luc. Thankfully the only thing injured was…

Marching Onward

So anyone who’s read any of my previous blogs knows how pokey Luc can be at times. It’s something his owner Jen, who also happens to be my sister, has been continuously working on. In the past few weeks, she’s…

Lock it Down

This week I decided to work on me. Instead of focusing on how Luc was going (or not going!), I had Jen, Luc’s owner and my sister, examine my position as I worked on ensuring I’m keeping my leg steady…

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