The Rusty Stirrup

My name is Alexa Cheater. After wrapping up my mostly unremarkable junior career where I finally managed to successfully navigate a 3’6” jumper course, I was faced with the same tough question that haunts young riders everywhere. Focus on my riding and triumphantly lead Canada into the next Olympics, or put horses aside to pursue higher education?

Fast forward more than a decade and it’s clear I chose the latter as most of you have likely never heard of me. Now with my 30th birthday looming, I’m gearing up to get back in the saddle and want to take you along for the ride as I sedately walk down the road to equestrian greatness.

Join me as I chronicle the struggle of wiggling my ample bum into a pair of breeches, as I try to get on for the first time and end up developing an irrational fear of mounting blocks, or the triumph of my first successful ride – which mostly consists of that sedate walk mentioned earlier.

Wish me luck!

Playing with Pebbles

Nine days, six rides, one fall, and one new four-legged friend later and my time with the lovely mare Pebbles has come to an end. A big thank you again to her owner, Emily, for giving me the pleasure of…

Pride Comes Before the Fall

Well, it finally happened. I hit the dirt today. Hard. My fifteen year streak of not experiencing any unplanned dismounts has finally come to an end…and in one of those ways that you never really see coming. Let me rewind…

All Wound Up and Nowhere to Go

Here comes the dink mobile! That’s how my day with Luc started. After bringing him in from the field it seemed that standing in the crossties was just too much for his poor little brain to handle. There was dancing….

From Peppy to Petered Out

This week’s ride started off with some unexpected visitors. As I was trekking out to the very back corner of Luc’s very large summer turnout pasture, I came across a rafter of turkeys (had to look that one up). A…

Squiggly, Wiggly Me

The riding gods were smiling down on me this week. Luc’s abscess, and it was definitely an abscess, blew earlier in the week. It came out his heel and left a big ugly hole, but he was much happier and…

Fickleness of the Riding Gods

Well this week I just wasn’t in favour of the riding gods. Luc has been off all week, with what we think is an abscess brewing. Despite Jen, Luc’s owner, diligently soaking his foot every day, by the time my…

My Horse Is Super Special

There’s just something special about Luc. And I don’t mean in the he’s such an amazing, outstanding, once-in-a lifetime horse kind of way. He is all those things, but when I say “special”, I mean that if there’s a way…

Vaulting Here I Come…Or Maybe Not!

So this week I decided to ride bareback again. It’s been a while and I always find it fun, while testing my skill as a rider. It’s not always easy to keep a steady seat when you don’t have a…

Perfecting Puddles

So this week it was wet at the barn. Really wet. I was lucky enough that the torrential downpours we’d had for the past several days subsided and it was nice and sunny, but unfortunately nearly everything – including Luc’s…

Opened But Not Quite Closed

So this week I opted to ride in the sand ring instead of the grass field. Given how distracted and spooky Luc was in there last week I thought it was the wiser choice, especially since this week there was…

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