The Rusty Stirrup

My name is Alexa Cheater. After wrapping up my mostly unremarkable junior career where I finally managed to successfully navigate a 3’6” jumper course, I was faced with the same tough question that haunts young riders everywhere. Focus on my riding and triumphantly lead Canada into the next Olympics, or put horses aside to pursue higher education?

Fast forward more than a decade and it’s clear I chose the latter as most of you have likely never heard of me. Now with my 30th birthday looming, I’m gearing up to get back in the saddle and want to take you along for the ride as I sedately walk down the road to equestrian greatness.

Join me as I chronicle the struggle of wiggling my ample bum into a pair of breeches, as I try to get on for the first time and end up developing an irrational fear of mounting blocks, or the triumph of my first successful ride – which mostly consists of that sedate walk mentioned earlier.

Wish me luck!

Beautiful, Beautiful, Dirt

I never thought I’d get so excited over a bunch of dirt. But this week we got the best present a rider could ask for at the barn—more arena footing. It had been getting a little bare the past few…

This Year I Will…

Okay, so I know I’m a little tardy with my New Year’s resolutions, but hey, better late than never, right? When I stopped to think about what I really wanted to focus on in 2016, one thing just kept coming…

Long and Low

This week we had a brief blast of winter. I woke up Saturday morning to snow, the first of the season that’s actually stayed on the ground. While it was only a centimeter or two, it was enough for me…

Poles, Poles and More Poles

So you know how last time I thought Luc came in looking filthy? This week was 10 times worse. And instead of just being coated in mud, it was something much, much smellier. Looks like he enjoys rolling around in…

From Grey to Bay

I wasn’t really feeling it this week when we pulled up to the barn. I’d been up late the night before, and apart from being completely exhausted, wasn’t feeling well to boot. So I had already decided that it was…

The Funny Thing About Confidence

The funny thing about confidence is that you never really know when you’re going to get a big boost of it. I was pretty pumped about conquering my nerves last week and finally making it back over a 3’ fence,…

Back to the Big League

This week it was mission accomplished! I finally made it back to the big league and took Luc over a three foot fence. Yes, to me, three feet is the big league. But it was no easy task getting there….

Hands Free Riding

After a month of rides without stirrups, I thought I’d try something a little different this week – riding without hands. Inspired by all the amazing freestyle videos floating around on the internet, I thought ‘Luc and I can do…

She Can Be Taught

That’s right. It’s not just the horses who learn something from us every time we get in the saddle. We riders tend to learn a little something too. This week, for me it was that I can use common sense….

Feeling My Age

Well, it finally happened. Despite some moaning and groaning in the past about how I was getting too old for riding, this week I felt it for real for the very first time. And I blame it all squarely on…

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