Clicking with the Pony Fairy

My name is Monty Gwynne, but I am better known as "The Pony Fairy." As the only Canadian-approved Alexandra Kurland 'Click That Teaches' instructor, I have used clicker training for the past 15 years. For three decades before that, I successfully trained horses and their humans using conventional means. So, why did I change my training methods? Simply put, it works better and faster, but, more importantly, it builds great relationships, and is fun for the horse and trainer. Clicker training produces an eager, interactive animal, who is engaged in the learning, a horse who wants to be with you.

In this blog, I will provide foundation lessons, then expand on these teachings to show you how to train anything you can imagine. I hope you will join me each week and start to build a great relationship with your horse through clicker training. I look forward to your questions and comments!

Please note that the opinions and methods expressed on this blog are my own, and do not necessarily reflect those of the Horse Publications Group.

Business is Positively Booming

One must be careful what one wishes for…which is partly to blame for my not getting to my blogs regularly! I said this year I wanted to get the word out more and help more horses and people discover another read more

Borrowing from the Dogs

I’ve been playing with some new to the horse world ideas. I know, I know…so what else is new! It has been a treat this summer to have a young lady interning with me who had a fabulous coach in read more

The Next 150 Years

Not sure it is politically correct to make a wish on Canada’s birthday, but if I did make one, my hope for the next 150 years is that horse and all animal training becomes more aware of the animal’s intelligence read more

Learning the Alphabet and How to Dance

It’s been a busy month but I really do enjoy spreading the understanding of Equispeak™ and meeting like-minded people! I guess when you spend your days watching horses move and try and have them move correctly to remain sound longer read more

Fabulous Eastern Clinics

There is a Beatles song that keeps running through my head: “Eight Days A Week”…and even though I spent eight days away from home, it wasn’t enough time to spend with all the amazing people and horses (and ponies) I read more

Driving Eggo

I will admit, thanks to a friend, that I almost (ALMOST but not really) wish that snow and winter would stay a bit longer. Why on earth would I want that? Well I’ve discovered kick sleds.Now don’t get too excited read more

Frames of Reference

I hope you all had a great holiday season and have great plan for 2017. I will admit I did hibernate or at least try to for a few days of our rather cold spell (minus 40!!) and had a read more

Such a Positive Year!

A big part of my dream for many years is finally realized. My farm’s boarders are now ALL clicker trainers. It is so cool to go out to the barn and hear clicks and see food delivered and horses praised. read more

Back to Ottawa for More Fun

This year I was fortunate enough to be invited to teach at Heroncrest Stables, near Ottawa Ontario. I was there in the spring and had a great group turn out for it. I got to go back in October and read more

Clicker Training and Perfectionism

This blog is written again by Carolina who is living and learning for a while with The Pony Fairy, Monty Gwynne. And in the photos, she’s almost starting to smile! Living in Fairyland oddly keeps reminding me of the old read more

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