‘U’ and ‘V’

Usually this blog is about ‘U’ but this week we are going to talk about ‘V’ or Valor. I wanted to talk a bit about him this week as a comparison to ‘U’. Valor is my not yet two, two-year-old Azteca gelding. I have had Valor since he was about four months old. His weaning […]

‘U’ and Riding

‘U’ has been doing really well and, as you know, even participated in a clinic this year. He was also doing really well with regards to coming to the mounting block and inviting me to get on…or so I thought. He was happy to come to the block and even let me on. He was […]

“U” Part Two

So, I hope all of you had a look at the video clip from the last blog. I’m pretty sure a lot of you out there may have looked at the video and thought ‘I don’t see any issue here,’ and I know that many people would be happy if their horse looked and acted […]

“U” Part Three

As promised, I will have the after leading video in here for you to compare with the before one from an earlier blog. I hope you can see the start of the change in enthusiasm and energy being put forth by ‘U’. If you are watching his expression, you will see that he still has […]

A Positive Approach to Picking Up Hooves

I really hope you had time to have a look at the video links I posted last week. I would love some feedback on what you thought and felt while watching and listening to them. This week I am delighted to be presenting some very different hoof lifting videos. Videos of clicker trained horses. These […]

Back to Ottawa for More Fun

This year I was fortunate enough to be invited to teach at Heroncrest Stables, near Ottawa Ontario. I was there in the spring and had a great group turn out for it. I got to go back in October and thought I’d share some of the pictures and stories with you now. In the first […]

Be Ready for an Emergency

Well as they say, the best laid plans of mice and men… I had great intentions to get out several blogs, but as they also say…life happens. My two-year-old, Valor, managed to get a hind leg hung up in the wire fence. Luckily, he is the kind of horse who is easy going and has […]

Bernice and Altea

This month’s blog is all about an amazing lady who inspires me and everyone who meets her. Her name is Bernice. Her horse’s name is Altea and together their ages total well over 100. Altea being 20, so you do the math. Bernice and Altea have been at my barn for about a year, but […]

Borrowing from the Dogs

We started to play with how to do horse things in more of a dog way. Why wouldn’t we? After all, we are out of the box thinkers to start with.

Building a Solid Foundation with Foundation Lessons

All good training begins with a solid foundation. Just like building a house, if the foundation isn’t solid there will be issues with the structure later on and you will have to either put Band-Aid solutions in place to ‘fix’ the issues or start all over again if the house begins to fall apart. Many […]