It’s been a busy month but I really do enjoy spreading the understanding of Equispeak™ and meeting like-minded people!

I guess when you spend your days watching horses move and try and have them move correctly to remain sound longer it only comes naturally when you are in an airport to watch how people carry themselves.

As I was sitting and waiting for my flight to Comox I was fortunate to be in the new part of the departures for the smaller planes. I have to admit it looks more like a bus station than an airport but no matter. I was at the first gate so got to watch as all the people filed by me.

I have to say, if I were looking at these folks like I would a horse, there wouldn’t have been very many that would have ‘passed the test’ of moving biomechanically correctly. Even many of the younger ones had serious biomechanical issues already starting. You could tell by the wear pattern on their shoes, the poor alignment of their spines and their lack of ‘ease of movement.’

There was one young fellow who obviously spent a lot of time covering ground efficiently. He was delightful to watch as he strode purposefully down the hallway, no wasted motion, like a hockey player skillfully skating around opponents.

This is the vision I have in mind for all the people in my clinics – to one day be able to dance with their horse, like perfect ballroom dancers, flowing gracefully along, using tactile guidance to help avoid collisions and to refine the subtlety of their movements.

The people who attended the Denman clinic got a taste of this dance. By the end of the two days the person and their donkey partner could gracefully flow forward and backward towards and away from a stationary target. The dance had begun. Watch below:

It is my aim for the clinics to give everyone some tools or ‘letters’ of the Equispeak™ alphabet that they can take home and use in their everyday time with their animal partners so that they can see just how well this work works!
So what can you teach with only three letters of the Equispeak™ alphabet? Many things! Stay tuned to my website for some new exciting mini courses coming hopefully soon!

After a great fun time in Denman I flew to Prince George for my next clinic. There were a couple participants in this clinic that were even a bit further along so it was great fun for the beginners here to see a bit further into the future of where Equispeak™ can take you.

I began this journey down the path of science based horse training when I met Alexandra Kurland some 18 plus years ago. I believe we are now just starting to see the horse would getting closer to the tipping point where more and more people will discover and embrace the world of clicker training and my world of Equispeak™ where we address not only the horse but the human as well. I do hope you will join me.

P.S. the new Equispeak™ target sticks are a big hit!