Clicking with the Pony Fairy

My name is Monty Gwynne, but I am better known as "The Pony Fairy." As the only Canadian-approved Alexandra Kurland 'Click That Teaches' instructor, I have used clicker training for the past 15 years. For three decades before that, I successfully trained horses and their humans using conventional means. So, why did I change my training methods? Simply put, it works better and faster, but, more importantly, it builds great relationships, and is fun for the horse and trainer. Clicker training produces an eager, interactive animal, who is engaged in the learning, a horse who wants to be with you.

In this blog, I will provide foundation lessons, then expand on these teachings to show you how to train anything you can imagine. I hope you will join me each week and start to build a great relationship with your horse through clicker training. I look forward to your questions and comments!

Please note that the opinions and methods expressed on this blog are my own, and do not necessarily reflect those of the Horse Publications Group.

Hoof Care Made Easy

So, how do you start getting your horse to offer to hold up a hoof? Here are the videos that go with my article in the March/April issue of Horse-Canada. I will share some video clips showing how to start read more

A Positive Approach to Picking Up Hooves

I really hope you had time to have a look at the video links I posted last week. I would love some feedback on what you thought and felt while watching and listening to them. This week I am delighted read more

Different Approaches to Picking Up Hooves

I hope you spent a few moments thinking about what kind of problem solver you are. If you are looking at clicker training perhaps you are looking for another way to solve your problems than the way you have been read more

What Type of Problem Solver Are You?

This week, in preparation for the upcoming article on improving your horse’s ability to lift and hold up his hooves, in the March/April of Horse-Canada, I will present some food for thought. Many of you will think this following blog read more

The Pony Fairy is Coming to Horse-Canada Magazine

I’m very excited about my upcoming articles in Horse-Canada magazine and hope you will have a look at them and then come back to the blog for more detailed instructions on the training being covered. A thousand words seem like read more

Last Blog of 2013

I can’t believe another year has come and gone. Time really is going faster, or maybe it just gets faster as you get older. Yet another reason to clicker train. When I am with my horses, I am living in read more

Volunteering Behaviour

I’m not sure about your weather, but the weather here a very short few days ago was a balmy 40 below with the wind chill, but this being Alberta it changed from that to plus 8 almost overnight. I thought read more

Deworming Prep: Part 2

I was surprised not to get any comments on the video in last week’s post. It caused quite a stir on Facebook! Maybe everyone is too busy staying warm or shopping to comment? So, I thought it would be great read more

Deworming Prep: Part 1

Let’s look this week at how clicker training can help every day issues like deworming. Is your horse easy to deworm or does he run at the sight or smell of the dewormer tube? Again a lot of where you read more

My Mother Dresses Me Funny: Part 2

So let’s continue on from last week’s blog… After a week’s worth of practicing you should be ready to bet that $100! Once this ‘going to the target’ behaviour is solid and predictable (see the Eggo stationary targeting video in read more

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