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Self-Interested Bullies: A Very Dark Day for the BEF

An unsavoury account of power struggles and back-biting at the British Equestrian Federation [BEF] has concluded with threats of millions in funding cuts if BEF member bodies [MBs] don’t behave. The long-awaited independent review – months overdue to the unanticipated…

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Would 20% Force Bad Riders to Reconsider their Positions?

You must have been living under a rock for the past few weeks if you haven’t heard about Shelley Browning and her unenviable dressage riding in California recently. I have never seen a social media storm like it. These were,…

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Is it Too Easy to Become an ‘International?’

Scores of evolving equestrian nations belong to the FEI. There are over 130 member countries, at least half without the remotest chance of ever sending a rider to the Olympic Games. There are altruistic reasons for the FEI to oversee…

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New Endurance Rules Lost in Translation

British people, certainly my generation, can be very lazy about other languages. Much of the world has English as its first or second tongue, so we think we don’t have to bother. I was taught French in a very academic…

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Latest Endurance Horse Deaths Raise Concerns About “Airbrushing” Results

Concerns that endurance horse deaths are being airbrushed out of official results have been raised again following two deaths at the 120km Al Marmoom Cup in Dubai Saturday. Catswhiskers Tiro Centauri and Kurrajong Unique were listed as Catastrophically Injured (CI)…

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‘Cartoon Colt’ Highlights the Travesty of Faux Concern

Just back from vacation and trying to catch up with El Rey Magnum, the “cartoon horse?” Well, good luck with locating the original promotional video and images. His owners Orrion Farms of Washington state, US, have pulled everything remotely connected…

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Has the ‘World Class’ Program Lost its Lustre?

I can’t draw on personal experience to opine about how a huge, un-earned income influences one’s thinking. We can reasonably say it makes you more prone to extravagance than if you’d worked your fingers to the bone for every cent….

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Is Any Olympic Sport ‘Safe’ When Host Cities Keep Dropping Away?

After 48 hours of political turmoil in the UK it was comforting to learn that at least one thing is set to enjoy a period of stability. I refer to confirmation that equestrianism is in the Olympic Games until at…

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Endurance Wastage: Even Worse Than You Probably Thought

I was sorry to miss the FEI’s endurance forum at Vic in Spain. I went to the 2014 version in Lausanne, the first specialist endurance open forum staged after the extent of the cheating, doping and attrition in FEI Group…

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Why Jumpers Feel Over-Faced by “Paying to Play”

There had to be a few catches in the out-of-court settlement between the FEI and Jan Tops’s Global Champions League. Last week we started to find out what they are. In a flurry of get-togethers by those who have seen…

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