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"What were we thinking?!!!!" That’s the question my husband, Bill, and I asked ourselves when we brought home Zelador and Zeloso, two weanling Lusitano colts, at the end of December in 2004. Our combined ages exceed 112 years and our other two horses were eight-years-old and seven when we bought them. We had never worked with youngsters, didn’t know how to work with youngsters and there we were...

To say that we are having the time of our lives would be an understatement. The two Z's led us to liberty training, Working Equitation, tricks (including the bow, the smile, mounting pedestals, pushing large balls) and with any luck, carriage driving. They will begin their jumping education this month and for the past two years have explored classical horsemanship (work in-hand, long reining and work under saddle).

Their adventures and misadventures are chronicled in this blog. I hope you enjoy watching how quickly these two are training us!

So itchy!

If You Scratch My Back, I’ll Scratch Yours

It’s itchy, shedding springtime and the boys couldn’t wait to get their blankets off. Zelador and Zeloso set to grooming each other right away.

‘Hold your horses’ is one of the most well-known horse idioms.

Horse Idioms in Our Language…There’s Quite a List!

After practicing for our miniature horse/pony square dance we were brainstorming for our next fundraiser June 9 (for Matthew House Hospice in Alliston). We started thinking about the horse. Thirty years before I was born horses were an integral part…

The Zelador Diaries: March 1, 2019

We are getting ready for the June 9th fundraiser for Matthew House Hospice in Alliston. I put two cards on the wall, one read “Zelador” the other “I Love Carrots.” I asked him to touch the card with his name….

Winsong’s Equine Connection on Display

There’s a Women’s Art Show in Orillia in April. The theme is “connection.” I was encouraged to show the connection we have with our horses. Wendy took the photo of me with Dora so that’s her entry. I took the…

Dora’s First Sleigh Ride

Dora has graduated to pulling an actual sleigh. What a star she is! Here’s a video of her first sleigh ride.

Dora Learns to Pull a Sleigh

The initial question: which horse here would be happy to pull people through the snow? Then the question arised…which horse is SAFE?!!!! We talked about each horse and weighed the pros and cons. The ultimate answer? Here’s Dora, proud as…

Bill Gets Outmaneuvered By the Girls

This evening Bill and I were bringing in the horses. Today I let the three girls use both paddocks all day long. Up till now I’ve been the person to bring them into the barn. Today I was leading Pax…

Dora Jumps!

Dora had fun jumping!

Pax greets a wacky new visitor.

A Giant Lobster Walks Into a Horse Paddock…

Winsong had an interesting visitor the other day – a giant, neon lobster! He stopped by to greet the gang and make some new friends. Dora, seen below, was particularly interested in him. She even thought she’d like to take…

Fetching Carrots

We’ve been playing a new game with the horses – fetching a carrot on a rope. As the story goes…at Guelph’s Large Animal Clinic Zelador was to stand in the stocks for a procedure. He left the stocks four times,…

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