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"What were we thinking?!!!!" That’s the question my husband, Bill, and I asked ourselves when we brought home Zelador and Zeloso, two weanling Lusitano colts, at the end of December in 2004. Our combined ages exceed 112 years and our other two horses were eight-years-old and seven when we bought them. We had never worked with youngsters, didn’t know how to work with youngsters and there we were...

To say that we are having the time of our lives would be an understatement. The two Z's led us to liberty training, Working Equitation, tricks (including the bow, the smile, mounting pedestals, pushing large balls) and with any luck, carriage driving. They will begin their jumping education this month and for the past two years have explored classical horsemanship (work in-hand, long reining and work under saddle).

Their adventures and misadventures are chronicled in this blog. I hope you enjoy watching how quickly these two are training us!

Tracking Horses in the Snow

Well, yesterday the temperature was ONLY -10 around noon so I headed to the barn to give more hay outdoors and fetch Zelador for a ride (first one in a long time). I walked through the small black gate and…

Of Einstein And Horses

I was tidying up a box of papers and came across these three quotations from Albert Einstein: The first quotation: “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” The second quotation: “I never teach my…

Mini Sitting

Here is a video of Noel, the miniature horse sitting on a bean bag!

Noel, modelling her Build a Bear shoe collection.

Noel’s New Shoes

November 24 Here’s Noel with her “Build a Bear” shoes on. We had our first practice for a House Party at Winsong Farm this winter. If all goes well she just might find herself at a house concert, entertaining during…

Horses Sitting at Winsong Farm, Who Would Have Thought?

Sitting. Who would have thought we’d have six horses sitting at Winsong Farm! Not me! Eleven years ago I went to Austin, Texas for a weekend one-on-one session with Allen Pogue. He showed me horses sitting on bean bags, horses…

Ride Forever

Today with our riding lesson with Alex we worked on our garrocha pole routine which we debuted last Sunday at the fundraiser for The Horse Sanctuary. Alex came up with some refinements which helped us. One sticky spot occurred when…

Watch Performances from the Fall Fundraiser

Sunday October 15th we held a fundraiser for The Horse Sanctuary, raising over $900. The event was initially scheduled in September. However, five days before the fundraiser the weather forecast included a humidex of 40. We postponed the show until…

Where’s Blue?

This morning I fed the five horses in the upper barn. The northern door remained closed to keep out a cool breeze. This is the door that I use to take Hombre and Blue to either of the two paddocks…

The ‘Scary’ Water Bottle Obstacle

When Hombre goes eventing he’s going to need to trust his rider and not be afraid of new things. This can be helped tremendously if I can find different things to present to him at home. I read about a…

Winsong Farm’s Fall Fundraiser

Winsong Farm’s Fall Fundraiser will take place Sunday October 15, 2017, from 2:00-3:30 p.m., in support of the Horse Sanctuary, run by Lillian Tepera. See the poster below for details.  

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