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Ontarians Approve of Slots at the Racetracks

Sue Leslie, president of the Ontario Horse Racing Industry Association (OHRIA) is calling on Premier McGuinty to heed Ontarian’s advice when it comes to the government’s plans for gaming in Ontario.   According to a recent poll conducted by Forum Research for the Ontario Horse Racing Industry Association, nearly three-quarters of Ontarians say they approve […]
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ORC Notice to the Industry: Drug Warning

The Ontario Racing Commission (ORC) advises all members of the Ontario racing  community to use caution when administering substances that may cause a positive test. In particular are those drugs which affect the oxygen-carrying ability of the  hemoglobin molecule. Severe penalties and sanctions will be imposed on trainers who possess, use or whose horses test […]

Understanding Hoof Angles

Regardless as to whether the horse is barefoot or shod, several features are deemed to be acceptable and others are not, when it comes to hoof angles.