Antibiotic Resistance in Horses

A wide variety of antibiotic drugs have saved millions of lives by killing the deadly bacteria that make people and animals sick. But, increasingly, bacteria are becoming resistant to the most-used antibimicrobial drugs. A bacterium is deemed to be resistant …

Tendons: Injuries & Healing

Many horse owners can point to a tendon on their horses’ legs, but aren’t quite sure what it is. In anatomical terms, a tendon is a connective cord made of collagen that joins a muscle to a bone. A ligament …

A Hitch in the Giddyup

A horse with stringhalt can look perfectly normal standing in a stall or pasture. But when it moves at a walk or slow trot, this is when things change.

Proof of Ownership

Find out what forms of permanent horse identification are commonly used, which ones are safe and which ones are most effective.