Why Go Barefoot?

Find out the benefits of barefoot trimming for horses. Barefoot trimmer, Anne Riddell, explains, it’s not just a matter of forsaking the shoes.

Colitis Kills

An inflammation of the large colon, colitis in horses can be life-threatening. One of the earliest signs is diarrhea, combined with a fever.

Matters of the Heart

In North America, heart failure is a major cause of death for humans. It’s the number two cause in Canada, and number one in the United States.

In horses, though, it’s quite rare. Veterinarian and Ontario Veterinary College Professor Emeritus …

Tendon Injuries

Tendonitis develops when the fibres that a tendon is composed of are strained or torn, either through being overstressed or from trauma.

Navicular Syndrome

The name navicular syndrome recognizes that this diagnosis encompasses a collection of problems and often doesn’t involve the navicular bone at all.

Sweat Inequity

Horses lose fluids through sweat three times faster than humans, and they lose electrolytes 10 times faster, read this article to learn more.