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The Meaning of Impulsion

In dressage terms, impulsion usually refers to the forward driving power of the hindquarters. Reiners know impulsion is about responsive forwardness.
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Spooking on the Trail

The further they get from home, the less secure they feel, and spooking on the trail is a great example of how a prey animal acts when he feels in danger.
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My Horse Won’t Slow!

You’ve been there…you can’t hold your horse back any more.  He’s prancing, he’s pushing like a freight train against the bit, and he’s lunging and plunging. But you hold on with incredible determination because you know if you let go …

Game 7: The Squeeze Game

Remember, the Seven Games are progressive and you need to have the other six in place before being able to successfully play the Squeeze Game.

Game 6: The Sideways Game

Backwards and sideways have everything to do with your horse’s impulsion and emotional fitness - which influences almost everything else your horse does.

Game 5: The Circling Game

The Circling Game in Parelli Natural Horse-Man-Ship (PNH) is used to help your horse understand that it is his job to maintain gait, maintain direction, watch where he is going and all the while stay tuned into you as his …

Game 4: The Yo-Yo Game

The Yo-Yo Game is the fourth of the Seven Games. Games #1 (Friendly), #2 (Porcupine) and #3 (Driving) are called the “principle games”.

Game 3: The Driving Game

The Driving Game teaches your horse how to yield from a “suggestion” with no physical touching involved. In the beginning, driving is done at a reasonably close range, but as you progress, you can actually drive (or suggest) from quite …