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Richmond Hill Equestrian Club

The Richmond Hill Equestrian Club will have its inaugural meeting Thursday, March 22, 2007 at Elgin West Community Centre in the Palisade Room B
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Farewell Parelli Canada

Parelli Natural Horsemanship Inc. the decision was made to not renew any international distributorships. December 31, 2006 Parelli Canada closed its doors.
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Erynn Ballard Named 2006 ‘Equestrian of the Year’

Ottawa, Ontario— Equine Canada (EC) has named Erynn Ballard of Hillsburgh, ON, the 2006 ‘Equestrian of the Year’.


Ballard, 27, is recognized as one of Canada’s hardest working athletes on the Canadian show jumping circuit.  A sought-after catch rider, …

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Christina Anderson and Lyle Anderson (no relation), breeders of Standardbred horses, were killed August 27th when Comair Flight 5191 went down in Lexington, Kentucky after attempting take-off on an incorrect runway. The crash killed all 50 passengers and most of …