With over 600 breeds of horses around the world, each one comes with unique character and charm. While they all differ from one another in their own way, some breeds just capture all the attention when embracing large crowds, and that cannot be helped of course, as the beautiful breed will do especially that.

While the most common breeds that people know of are the thoroughbreds that are focused on when people bet on horse racing, there are many other breeds to be aware of nowadays such as Arabian, Andalusian, Friesian and so on. Horses around the world all have their unique traits and are selectively bred for their purpose. For that reason, it can be easy to turn away and not notice the other breeds that deserve all the attention. Below we have listed the breeds that we believe just take command and superiority against all others around the world.


First and foremost, we start with the horse that is believed to be the most beautiful all around the world. Friesians are bred locally within Netherlands Friesland, hence the name. They are recognised for their beautiful black coats, with wavy long flowing hair on their manes. Dating back to long ago within history, this horse’s original breed was bred for the times when Medieval knights needed a stallion to ride across the battlefields. With mighty strength and stamina, they could support their knights through the most physical of pursuits. In addition to this, they also were used within agriculture, if not for battle, to power the fields and pull the equipment needed to sew fields of grain and plantations.

It was the industrial revolution that pushed these horses more into the limelight for their beauty and star quality, that readied them for the movie and film culture.


An Arabian horse has a reputation throughout history for being the most loyal of companions. These horses have been around since the early 3000 B.C., meaning they have seen much of what history has allowed to unfold and been very much a part of changing culture as time has progressed. Being the elegant creatures they are, they were often given to royalty and kings of Egypt, alongside being the animal which shaped and allowed nomadic tribes to venture across the lands. Even the novel by Paul Coelho, the Alchemist, mentions the beauty of this horse, and it’s might. It has a fierce reputation.

Due to the stamina that this horse possesses, it is no stranger to the disciplines of sport and endurance. Arabian horses are pure singularly, however throughout history, their bloodline has been mixed with many of the horses we see today, particularly those that indulge horse racing of course. Their resilience and endurance dates back in many historical records. They have long been the first choice for those that have raced through deserts for sports, as well as for every riding. For that very reason, their refinement makes them the most expensive of horses to buy on the market today. Pure breeds of the Arabian breed will certainly set you back quite the amount of money.


The final horse on our list is the ancient breed and beauty, the Akhal-Teke. This horse originates from Turkmenistan and is identified by the lustre and shine that its coat brings. Just like the Arabian, it dates back 3000 years, and in fact there are only 6,600 of these horses left within records all around the world. Being of the rarest breeds currently around the world, horse breeders are doing their very best to keep this breed in numbers, and hope to multiply the figure of such a magnificent horse.

Many wonder about the secret of this horse’s coat, and it is believed that the hair shaft is what gives the lustre and shine. It bends to the light and gives the creation and opportunity for the metallic glow that can be seen many metres away. A refraction of light, and the presence of this horse will make it very clear to you, that you are in the presence of an Akhal-Teke!