Farm Management

The Fine Print

If you're planning to build on your property, it's important to research things like permits, insurance and guarantees before you break ground.

Equine Welfare Guidelines

To improve welfare standards for horses around the world, researchers are working to develop a set of guidelines for how they are managed and handled.

10 Insect Repelling Plants

Grow these 10 plants around your house and barn to repel biting insects such as mosquitoes and ticks. They are all safe to grow around pets and children.

Give Them Shelter

Researchers from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences have conducted a study on the use of paddock shelters in the summertime.

Pasture Poisons

While there are hundreds of species of weeds toxic to horses, the following six include two of the most poison, deadly ones.

Equine Horsepower

Horsepower can still be found on farms and elsewhere doing traditional work efficiently and often more successfully than machines.