Lo and behold, Docutainment Films in the USA is making a feature length film based on the life of horseman Harry de Leyer and Snowman, the ultimate rags to riches horse! If you enjoyed my blog on Snowman check out this true story of an older grey horse on his way to the slaughterhouse who was saved in time by a kindly horseman who saw something that said “Greatness” on his eyes.

Director and producer Ron Davis said: “This is an amazing story. It has never been told on film, and especially not in a feature length documentary. This story stands the test of time.”

The film will also include the rider’s other famous horse Dutch Crown, and footage and stills of the National Horse Show during the late 1950s throughout the 1980s. Davis is asking for any photos or film footage anybody might have of the pair. To send footage or stills for the film, contact Ron Davis at ron@docutainmentfilms.com or 561-228-8885.