Equine Herpesvirus- Neurologic

Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food and Rural Affairs reported a case of EHV-1 in the Ottawa Region of Ontario in a 25-year-old mare at a boarding facility, who began showing signs on Sept. 19 including severe ataxia progressing to recumbency. Despite being vaccinated, the horse had to be euthanized on Sept. 20. The boarding facility is under veterinary supervision and at this time, no other horses have shown clinical signs related to EHV-1 infection.

Equine Infectious Anemia

On September 17, 2021, positive equine infectious anemia (EIA) results were confirmed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s national reference laboratory for a horse located on a premises in Saddle Lake, Alberta. The horse was exhibiting clinical signs compatible with EIA infection. A CFIA investigation is underway and movement controls have been placed on the infected horse and any on-premises contact animals. Initial reports indicate there are other equines on the affected premises. Movement controls will remain until all disease response activities have been completed, including follow-up testing and ordering the destruction of confirmed cases. Improved biosecurity protocols have been strongly recommended to the owners to help control the ongoing spread of EIA.

West Nile Virus

A nine-year-old mare at a boarding facility in the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville in eastern Ontario was reported on Sept. 20 with a confirmed case of West Nile Virus, and had been displaying symptoms including being colicky, running a fever, paddling, and recumbency. The unvaccinated mare was euthanized; no quarantine was ordered.

Eastern Equine Encephalitis

Three cases of EEE have been confirmed at a private facility in the Parry Sound, ON area in three-, four- and five-year-old unvaccinated mares who had been displaying symptoms including ataxia, sudden onset of discomfort, blindness, facial paralysis, muscle fasciculations, and recumbency. All affected horses have been euthanized. A positive mosquito pool for EEE has been reported in the area by the North Bay Parry Sound District public health unit.