A Guided Tour of Equine Anatomy is a dissection workshop to understand equine anatomy first hand.

Participants will have an opportunity to take part in a guided examination of the anatomy of a horse. An overview of the large muscle groups of the neck, trunk and legs is followed by an exploration of the abdomen and chest. The latter part of the laboratory is designed to allow individual students to explore their areas of interest in further detail.

When: April 21, 2018 9:30am – 4:30pm
Where: Ontario Veterinary College
Cost: $320 (+HST) after March 28, 2018
Led by: Dr. Jeff Thomason.

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Well known for his ability to bring anatomy to life, Dr. Thomason teaches anatomy to veterinary students at the Ontario Veterinary College. Dr. Thomason is a researcher conducting internationally recognized research on the equine hoof. Dr. Thomason will be your guide through basic to more advanced anatomy topics highlighting form and function.

This unique opportunity is hosted by Equine Guelph. Supplies and refreshments are covered in the cost of registration.

For more information contact Equine Guelph T 519-824-4120 ext 54205 email: horses@uoguelph.ca

Register early as space is limited (subject to registration we reserve the right to cancel if registration is low).