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Does Your Horse Need a Winter Blanket?

Does your horse’s wardrobe rival your own? Yes, is a common answer among many in the equine industry. But before you go out and buy yet another rug this fall, Equine Guelph has your blanketing questions covered in their free…

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Check Out the Equine Industry Symposium Discussion Group

Just in time to kick start the upcoming Equine Industry Symposium hosted by the University of Guelph on October 27, 2018, a new discussion group has started on website. In response to one of the suggestions that arose from…

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Sign Up for the Sickness Prevention in Horses Online Course

A human sneeze can propel around 100,000 germs up to 25 feet according to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology! Now imagine the distance and volume a horse can achieve! No elbow or hankie will be raised to contain this potential…

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Ontario Large Animal Rescue Awareness Course

Meaford Fire Department Training Centre in Ontario is opening its doors once again, for intensive training on what to do in emergency situations involving large animals. Learn alongside first responders the best practices for successful rescue in these stressful and…

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Ontario Equestrian Helps Fund Equine Gut Health Studies

Ontario Equestrian has partnered with Equine Guelph to help fund research by Dr. Luis Arroyo and Dr. Scott Weese of the Ontario Veterinary College. Their studies involve the examination of manure and gut contents to establish a baseline for what constitutes a…

Researchers are studying whether soaking and steaming hay is able to reduce its non-structural carbohydrates, including water soluble carbohydrates.

Equine Guelph Studies the Effects of Soaking and Steaming Hay

Do you steam or soak your horse’s hay? If you don’t, you probably know someone that does. Soaking and steaming hay are two commonly used methods for managing hay, especially for horses with certain health conditions, like insulin resistance or…

(L to R) Paul Walker, GRAS President, Gayle Ecker, director, Equine Guelph and Jamie Martin, GRR Director Of Operations

40 Free Spots in Ontario Equine First Aid Workshop 

Equine Guelph has announced it will be offering a FREE hands-on equine first aid workshop facilitated by veterinarians for 40 Ontario horse industry participants. Thanks to a grant from Grand River Agricultural Society, horse racing track managers from Ontario, horse…


What are Macronutrients?

Macronutrients are the nutrients that are required in larger amounts in your horse’s diet. They include protein, fat and carbohydrates (non-structural carbohydrates and fibre). The sections below provide examples of dietary sources of each macronutrient, but remember that these sources…

Equine Anatomy artwork provided by Ruth Benns.

Register for A Guided Tour of Equine Anatomy

A Guided Tour of Equine Anatomy is a dissection workshop to understand equine anatomy first hand. Participants will have an opportunity to take part in a guided examination of the anatomy of a horse. An overview of the large muscle…

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Get Help Planning Your Horse’s Vaccination Schedule

Now more than ever, we are aware of disease outbreaks with strong lines of communication keeping us up to date. A pivotal part of your sickness prevention plan includes a vaccination program. Only vaccination can prevent death from certain diseases…

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