One horse owner is breathing a sigh of relief along with shedding tears of gratitude after local firefighters and community members rallied to help save her horses from drowning following heavy rains.

Horses being led through floodwaters.

Rescuers leading the horses to higher ground. (Chantal Bustard Facebook photo)

The ordeal took place in Yellowhead County west of Edmonton, Alberta, on June 19th, after more than 130mm of rain had fallen in 48 hours. Chantal Bustard’s property flooded while she was at work, and a neighbour called to tell her that her stallion had escaped his paddock. She arrived home to find that the horse had actually swam to another part of the farm and was loose.

Just a few hours later, the local fire department was on the farm attempting to save all seven of her horses from drowning as her pasture was under water – “Just completely one big lake. We basically had to swim to get my horses,” Bustard told CTV News when discussing the incident and the help of the firefighters and neighbours. “And my horses had to swim out of the pasture to get to the house where it was up a little bit higher on dry land.”

Eventually the entire area had to be evacuated due to the flooding, but residents and animals have since returned home.

Watch video of the harrowing rescue here.