Here’s a funny story…Trooper is still enjoying free-range in the kitchen. We took the gate down leading to the family room because he pops over it, no problem. I close that folding door and place a barricade on the opposite side so he can’t push it open. The gate to the dining room still stands. Well, I was noticing that Trooper’s housebreaking was coming along nicely. No accidents in the kitchen. He has frequent trips outdoors, but being raised their since he was young does invite him to poop and piddle.

Yesterday I went into the dining room. This is something I don’t do often. The doors to the foyer are closed and barricaded. I noticed some poop near the window. “Now, how did THAT get there? Bill must have left the doors open and Scout snuck in…” Then I saw a piddle spot. Then a second piddle spot. And a third! Our little rascal was climbing into the dining room, doing his business away from his play area and returning to his toys!