The first show for the fundraiser was last Saturday. I asked a teenage girl which she liked best. We had just returned the horses to their stalls after the performance and were standing in front of the bank barn. She said, “Everything.” Then, a few minutes later she came to me and announced, “I liked the rodeo best of all.”

Hmmm…we didn’t have a rodeo act…

I thought about the show for a second and realized she was referring to the Square Dancing on Horseback!!!! Gulp! Obviously “riders doing specific square dance movements” is not what this person saw.

A bit later another teenage member of the audience referred to the rodeo being her favourite routine.

Perhaps we need to explore the rodeo idea.

The good news is, a day after the show an adult said, “I always like the square dance best.” Whew, at least one person figured out what we were trying to do!