The lush green grass is a constant challenge to me when it comes to monitoring the weight of Zelador and Zeloso. There are nine grass paddocks here. I have two small “dry” paddocks to turn them out in. I also have their grazing muzzles. So, during the day the boys get rotated through a paddock with grass (they have muzzles on), a dry paddock and occasionally a half-hour in a grass paddock with no muzzle. Today I placed several really large carrots in a dry paddock, then opened two gates and let the boys trot through to the dry paddock. They still had their muzzles on. Zeloso was trying to figure out HOW to get the huge carrot into the small hole at the bottom of his muzzle. Zelador, on the other hand, had smashed a carrot with his hoof and was eating the pieces through his muzzle. What a horse!