Pax at the Can-Am All Breeds Equine Expo.

Pax and Ron at the Can-Am All Breeds Equine Expo.

Here’s a photo of Ron and Pax at Can-Am in Orangeville Saturday March 30th. Pax performed three times Saturday, then came home. After reading Ron’s email I asked him if in his wildest dreams when he bought Pax six years ago if he ever thought Pax would be such a star doing tricks at liberty. Looking at the photo I noticed that Ron has excellent footwork with the rotating top pedestal!

He responded:

Hi Winnie.

Yes I was at Can-Am Sunday as well. Pax was a HUGE hit…he was pretty much the second biggest draw next to Guy Maclean. After the first demo…there were probably 200 people around the demo ring to watch his other 2 demos. And after each demo…crowds coming to see him at his stall…and TONS of question about how he learned all that stuff….the sitting and the big rear onto the pedestal were certainly the crowd favorites…but the rolling out the carpet, retrieving the stuff toy and the pushing the big ball were big hits too. Especially because I called for a volunteer to play ball with pax, and always chose a small child to do so. So it went really well and even with all the distractions Pax did well. Here is a picture one of his fans took.