zeloso spanish walk

Here’s Zeloso giving Bill his latest interpretation of a Spanish Walk. With more than 120 people in the audience Zeloso felt extravagance was needed.

The two boys put on a demonstration at the Grelo Farms Gala which included eighteen of their tricks/games/liberty. Allen Kalpin accompanied with his guitar and singing. The audience (over 120 strong) sang “When You’re Happy and You Know It” with gusto.

We decided to try the retrieve over the jump with Zelador. This is the first time he’s been asked to do it at a new place. With the whole arena to explore I was wondering if he’d maintain his focus on the “job”. He did a great job!

During the past month they’ve been on five trailer rides. Last year we totally forgot to take them off the property! One of the rides was a bit special. We’ve always shipped them together and the questions were: can they be shipped separately? How will the one left behind on the farm act? Kye helped out. He went with Zelador on a Monday, leaving Zeloso at home. The next week Kye shipped with Zeloso. During the first trip the babysitter (Kye) was a bit wiggly. Turned out Zelador was the old pro! On the second trip Kye settled down and enjoyed the outing with Zeloso.

On another note: September 30th Bill took our DVD of the Equine Orchestra for the Canada’s Got Talent audition. He and 1,000 plus other acts had the same audition time: 4:00. At 9:30 he was in front of the judge, cameraman and computer operator. The three laughed throughout the presentation. The judge asked if the horses could perform on a small stage in Toronto. Good question!

Our DVD showed the boys acting out “When You’re Happy and You Know It” with four horses accompanying them. Kye was playing the sleigh bells. Picasso pawed the drum peddle. Blue squeaked the squeak toy and Pax shook the maracas.

On a third note: This Sunday is our dress rehearsal for our fundraiser, next Sunday’s the event. Got to get to work on the script! We’re weaving the story of the Beautiful Jim Key into the performance. Time to put pen to paper!!!