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Business is Positively Booming

This article showcases some photos and videos from fun intermediate clinics in Ontario. The clinics had amazing people who embraced the work and ran with it
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Borrowing from the Dogs

We started to play with how to do horse things in more of a dog way. Why wouldn’t we? After all, we are out of the box thinkers to start with.
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The Next 150 Years

My hope for the next 150 years is that all animal training becomes more aware of the animal’s intelligence and treats them as the sentient beings they are.
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Learning the Alphabet and How to Dance

There were participants in this clinic a bit further along so it was great fun for the beginners to be able to see further into the future of Equispeak™.
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Fabulous Eastern Clinics

In the new format for the clinics, I give the participants a set of behaviours that they can take away and use in their daily work with their horses.
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Driving Eggo

The pulling things and getting used to the harness were also gradually introduced and Eggo was free to say ‘no’ to any part of the process.
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Frames of Reference

Later that day while I was cleaning the barn I was thinking about the frame of reference idea, and suddenly I knew why I didn't interrupt the 'meeting'.
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Such a Positive Year!


A big part of my dream for many years is finally realized. My farm’s boarders are now ALL clicker trainers. It is so cool to go out to the barn and hear clicks and see food delivered and horses praised. …

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Back to Ottawa for More Fun

ottawa-rope-handlingThis year I was fortunate enough to be invited to teach at Heroncrest Stables, near Ottawa Ontario. I was there in the spring and had a great group turn out for it. I got to go back in October and …

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Clicker Training and Perfectionism

img_1612This blog is written again by Carolina who is living and learning for a while with The Pony Fairy, Monty Gwynne. And in the photos, she’s almost starting to smile!

Living in Fairyland oddly keeps reminding me of the old …

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Trust and Clicker Training

flower-picsThe following post was made by Carolina W. She has been here about two weeks now and will be here a few more. She is from Germany and her family raises Fjords.  She contacted me early this year asking if …

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Bernice and Altea

bernice-4This month’s blog is all about an amazing lady who inspires me and everyone who meets her. Her name is Bernice. Her horse’s name is Altea and together their ages total well over 100. Altea being 20, so you do …

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Denman Clinic May 2016

I had great intentions of writing this past month about a very special lady and her horse who are students of mine but I needed to edit some videos to do the job right and it didn’t happen…so look for …