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Pax On Parade

Pax made his support crew proud when he appeared in the Schomberg Christmas Parade, but left them frustrated when he refused to load back onto the trailer.
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The Zelador Diaries: March 1, 2019

We are getting ready for the June 9th fundraiser for Matthew House Hospice in Alliston.

I put two cards on the wall, one read “Zelador” the other “I Love Carrots.” I asked him to touch the card with his name. …

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Dora’s First Sleigh Ride

Winnie at Winsong has been working with Dora to teach her how to pull a sleigh. What a star she is! Here's a video of her first sleigh ride. 
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Dora Learns to Pull a Sleigh

Dora the Wonder Pony adds another skill to her repetoire, learning to pull a sleigh with help from Winnie and Bill at Winsong Farm.
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Bill Gets Outmaneuvered By the Girls

When Dora, Angel and Spring Song manage to sneak past Bill and run off to frolic, he comes up with a trio of humourous new nicknames for them.