Name: Wendy Christoff
Date of Birth: April 26, 1954
Place of Birth: Vancouver BC
Height: 5’5”

What type of books do you like reading?
Most books except vampire What are you currently reading? Little Bee

Are there any TV shows you can’t miss?
No – I have a hard time watching a regular program so mostly watch movies when I am home in front of the TV

What’s on your iPod?
Believe it or not I don’t have an iPod

Who’s #1 on your speed-dial?
My husband

What’s your favourite meal?
Stuffed  Pasta and salad

If you won $50 million in a lottery, what would you do with the money?
Hard question…pay off all debts….give some to my family…set up a Foundation for equestrians

What’s your on-line addiction? (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

What is the coolest place you have ever visited?
SCUBA diving on the reefs in Fiji

Where do you want to see yourself in five years, not only in regard to horses?
Still riding and competing and coaching HP youth.

Tell us about your first horse or pony.
She was a 14hh strawberry roan welshX pony. Her name was April  Fool and I did everything on trail, English, western, games, jumping etc. I met some of my best and oldest friends through the barn I boarded her.

Is there someone you consider your mentor?
Jacqui Oldham has been an influence in my life since I was 13 as I admired her riding and knowledge of horses. In the past 15 years she has helped me shape my career in horses and particularly her love of dressage influenced my riding and horsemanship.

What is your favourite show venue, and why?
Southlands Riding Club in Vancouver is a small slice of the city that is devoted to horses. The club hosts several shows each year and the footing, parking, stabling and judges are always terrific. It is also small enough so you can walk around without needing a golf cart or bicycle and it is easy to coach my students with everything nearby.

If you could be granted one wish, what would it be?
“I wish I knew then what I know now”….I have many horses in my past that I would like to go back and ‘retrain’ with the knowledge that I have now….I think their lives would be so much easier!

What is one of your worst habits/faults?
Thinking I can get everything done and never having enough time to do all the things I say I will do.

Do you have any good luck charms or superstitions that you live by?
None. I just try to live a very healthy lifestyle and trust that my health will get me through to the next thing

Do you have a cat or dog?
Does it go to shows with you? My old dog died last year and I have not replaced him yet. He went everywhere with me and we put thousands of miles together running and riding and driving to shows.

What are your biggest pet peeves?
Ignorant people who do not want to listen to reason and end up being cruel to their horses.

If you couldn’t ride anymore, what would you do with your life, besides coaching?
 I have many hobbies and love to run, canoe, snow shoe, cycle, cook and play bridge. If I could not ride I would stay active and not be bored

Who is your favorite non-equestrian celebrity?
Maya Angelou for her philosophy and Tiger Woods for his achievements in golf.

What was the scariest experience of your life?
Several come to mind but the most recent was seeing my husband in ICU immediately after open heart surgery. He made a complete recovery but it was a scary time.