Fly Control: Keep Flies Off Your Horses

Summertime heat brings out all sorts of pesky insects including flies. Flies are common pests for horses. It is no surprise that houseflies and stable flies like to hover around horse barns, stables, corrals and pastures. Not only are these flies annoying but they can also pose some health risks to horses as potential disease […]

Water Consumption for Horses

Water is essential for all living things and horses are no exception to the rule. In fact, water is the most important nutrient for horses. It is required for all body functions such as digestion, respiration, reproduction and lactation. Therefore, it should be no surprise that horses need to have access to clean water at […]

Get Fencing Ready for Summer

The grass is green and summer is upon us. As a horse owner, now it is time to start thinking about making sure that your fence is in good working order. No matter what type of fence you have on your farm or acreage, it is important to maintain your fences to ensure that your […]

What to Look for in an Equestrian Property

Finding that perfect horse farm you’ve always wanted can seem a little overwhelming. With countless aspects to consider, from the type of fencing to the kind of weather an area receives, where do you start? Begin your search with a list of all the features you would like your dream property to include. Everything from […]

Protect Your Horse Properly With the Right Fencing

The large cost of properly building a fence can cause a person to lose sight of the fence’s primary function and choose the least expensive route. While it doesn’t have to break the bank, doing it right the first time will be compensated later with increased safety and peace of mind and will also decrease […]

Secure Your Paddocks with the Right Gate

When designing a paddock for horses, safety and ease are the most important aspects to keep in mind. When it comes to adding gates, they should be designed to be used safely and efficiently when moving horses in and out of paddocks. As most of us have witnessed, most horses tend to gather near gates […]

Winterizing Your Barn

Although we have already experienced the first taste of this year’s winter, there is still time to prepare your facility for the cold Canadian weather ahead. Countless precautions and alterations can be made in order to better prepare your farm and prevent any significant damages from occurring. Barn Structure Firstly, begin the season by cleaning […]

Give Them Shelter: Run-In Sheds

The drastically changing Canadian temperatures can be hard on animals. Cold rain and strong winds can make it difficult for horses to keep warm and the summer sun can be brutal and relentless. You do not want to keep your horses in stalls all day because of the weather and your horses don’t want to […]

Preparation Prevents Panic

Equestrians are passionate individuals and would do anything for their equine friends. Although many would rather not think about a worst case scenario that could impact their animals or facility, accidents and emergencies can and do happen, despite our best efforts. From barn fires to natural disasters, emergency situations require special measures of protection and […]

Selecting Rubber Mats

Imagine how uncomfortable it would be to stand on an uneven or hard concrete floor for hours on end. The strain it would cause to your body’s joints is similar in horses. Some horses spend much of their time standing in their stalls or barn and it is important for their health that they have […]