A simple and elegant Welded Rockwood stall system with posts

A simple and elegant Welded Rockwood stall system with posts.

When looking for a durable and dependable stall system for your equine friends, you must consider a number of factors:

  • What features do I require…posts or no posts?
  • What is my budget?
  • What does the stall package include?
  • What type of finish is on the stall system?
  • How much labour am I going to have to put into the stalls after I receive them?
  • What is the size of bar spacing I want for my horse’s safety?
  • How quickly do I need them?

When choosing or designing your stalls, you should also keep in mind the amount of ventilation, lighting and size of stall that you want for your horses. Usually the size of the stall will depend on the size of the horse. However, most horse stalls are 10’ x 10’, 10’ x 12’, or 12’ x12’. If you have a pony, a 10’ x 10’ stall would be perfect, but for most horses, a 12’ x 12’ stall fits best. Ideally, stalls should not be smaller than 10’ because it can prevent the horse from turning around, lying down and standing up comfortably.

Whether you’re building a completely new facility or just renovating, you need to start with a plan. Ask yourself how much you want to do based on your needs, requirements and budget. Talk to other horse people, friends and look at magazines for ideas and inspirations that will suit your farm. Perception is everything with stall systems, from design to completion, especially with custom made stall systems.

There are several different kinds of stalls available to suit any personality and style. Standard stalls do not include any welded components and provide a simple, clean look. They can easily be installed in existing or newly renovated facilities and are readily available to ship, usually within 24-48 hours. Comparably, welded stalls are a great addition to any barn. They are similar to the Standard stall systems however they are made up of several welded components. Welding includes hot melting two pieces of metal together while adding a filler to guarantee a secure joint. This system is easy to install and welded for strength in high use applications and boarding facilities. Welded and Standard stalls are ideal for situations where a variety of different people and horses are entering and exiting stalls.

Stall system with no posts and added ventilation.

Stall system with no posts and added ventilation.

For those who have a free span barn or an old drive shed, panel stalls will suit your facility perfectly. No posts are required for these kinds of stalls and they have a very quick and easy assembly process. There are no edges for horses to chew making these stalls solid and secure for years to come. An excellent fit for buildings without posts or they can be comfortably installed between existing posts. Installation is fairly simple as they easily connect to posts or together with the addition of heavy duty connectors.

For a less permanent system, there are Racetrack and Expo stalls that are ideal for horse shows and other events. This system allows you to set up for that show and take down from the previous one in a matter of hours instead of days. Racetrack stall systems convert into a money saving investment.

Finally, for those equestrians who have an eye for elegance, there are a few styles of Designer stalls that are sure to beautify any facility. The Tuscany stall system incorporates an open front concept which develops a very welcoming environment for interaction and socialization. Its beautifully curved grill portion creates an elegant, classic look. In addition, Nobleman stalls are more enclosed and professional as they are ideal for sales barns or private equestrian facilities. With its luxurious appearance, it develops a warm, European style within any barn. Lastly, a new exquisite design is the Embleton stalls. Fitting for any sales barns or show stables, these stalls have majestic 10-foot high posts that draws attention while giving off an affluent appearance.

Portable stall with a designer touch.

Portable stall with a designer touch.

There is also the option to customize any one of these designs to better suit your facility and individualism. By adding your own touch of style and creativity to these designs, it will definitely make your horses and family feel more at home in the barn.

Most stalls have the option to be galvanized or have a powder coated finish as well. Galvanization is the process used to coat the steel in zinc which helps to prevent oxidization that could in time, lead to rust. Hot-dipped galvanization creates an even longer rust protection period. Comparably, powder coated finishing is a durable finish that includes an eight stage pre-treatment wash system, followed by the powder coating process.

With so many options when looking for horse stalls, things can sometimes be confusing, but we are here to help. Whether your horse is stalled only for a short time each day in a Portable stall or lives mostly inside a Designer stall, it is important to have the peace of mind in knowing that they are safe and comfortable. Whether you choose the hot-dipped galvanized or one of the stunning powder coated colors, your stall is to provide your horses with the best home possible. If you are a 2 stall private barn or a 60 stall boarding facility, selecting the appropriate stall for your horses can provide your barn with a beautiful look while also developing a secure and welcoming home for your animals.