IMG_0446Dear Santa,

We know how busy you are at this time of year so we’ve made a list of things that might help you decide who’s been naughty or nice here at Edenview. We hope it helps! We’ve also put carrots and cookies out for you and the reindeer, but if it isn’t too much trouble could you please take ONLY the cookies and tell the reindeer there weren’t any carrots.

Merry Christmas,
Love, The Ponies

Will remain anonymous to protect the guilty!
Having been advertised for sale this particular horse pulled the classic manoeuvre of broncing round and round the ring with a somewhat surprised prospective new owner aboard. I watched in horror and was for the first time in my life, forced to utter those most infamous of words…”OMG, I SWEAR HE’S NEVER DONE ANYTHING LIKE THIS BEFORE.” Needless to say, no deal was made that day! #1…VERY NAUGHTY!

This pony has embraced his show pony training to the highest degree. Nowadays, when “pitching a fit” in his paddock while waiting to come in he can be observed cantering beautiful figure eights while maintaining the most rhythmic, cadenced canter possible, complete with silky smooth changes of lead. This is a far cry from the cantankerous clod he used to be! A pony so set on charging about that on more than one occasion after a particularly rambunctious rant he would find himself becoming “ONE” with the fence.

This Grand Dame has turned back the clock and is reliving her younger days. She’s galloping though the fields with renewed vigour and she’s teaching everyone how to love riding, running and jumping. She’s the belle of the ball and she’s everyone’s best friend! Next steps include learning to keep her gigantic feet out of the water trough and resisting the temptation to throw the empty trough around the paddock because she’s accidentally in knocked it over and now she’s thirsty!

There once was a teeny, tiny, pony that thought it tremendous fun to wedge himself halfway out of his paddock gate because the grass is always greener on the other side. The gate now a colossal pain to open because it’s got two latches to help keep little ponies from leaking out. This same pony in an effort to find a bite or two, escaped his stall by jumping right out the top door opening and he was found happily wandering in the barn aisle cleaning up bits of hay that had managed to escape the broom. With all his flaws he’s still a keeper because he manages to happily carry every eager young rider we have around the ring with the utmost care and kindness. #4…VERY NAUGHTY, VERY NICE and VERY CLEVER! If Santa doesn’t get him something, he’ll figure out how to get it for himself!

Upset about having to move stalls, this horse laid in wait until his door was opened for morning feed. Without warning he blew out the open stall door, trotted down the aisle and out the barn door. Once free he galloped across the back lawn to the paddocks where he continued to run up and down the fence rows like a crazy critter. After much running and chasing he was finally outwitted with the classic bait and switch. A well timed bucket of grain tames even the craziest of wild ponies. Better luck next time! He’s usually the tamest of critters so demonic possession is the only rational explanation for his break with sanity. #5…VERY NICE, but make sure you put HIS gift in HIS stocking on HIS door. This one doesn’t like change!

Last but not least, this pony tops all! He is the resident evil. Gelded late in life he still has what it takes to lead the herd…mostly into trouble! He antagonizes, infuriates, and frustrates all those below him in the rank and file. If a halter’s broken or missing, or a blanket’s ripped and torn we know who’s to blame. This guy has a keen and agile mind and he thrives in an environment rife with conflict and drama most of which he creates for his own amusement! He’s VERY NAUGHTY but…he loves his person with all his heart. If you call him he comes and for bonus points he’ll round up the rest of the gang and bring them up with him, just in case you’d like one of his friends. He’s seldom used or handled but, he’s still the best behaved pony on the property when the vet or farrier comes calling, he super polite, leads like a dream and has never ever stepped on anyone’s toes! He’s also MY pony and I love him unconditionally! Love goggles makes #6…VERY NICE!

On behalf of the Edenview Critters and Crew, I’d like to wish everyone a happy holiday season!