Lunging with Feel Part 2

In part one of this series, in the September/October issue, you learned that by lunging your horse using the correct alignment, pushing the right buttons and using the right amount of energy, you’re speaking to him in a way that …

Lunging with Feel

Lunging is a valuable training tool that every horse person should be able to do well. It’s also something horse people often don’t agree on. There are those who believe that:

  • free lunging is a better option than using a

Calm & Safe Leading

Leading a large, anxious, excitable flight animal that outweighs you by 800-1,000 pounds can be a nerve rattling situation and it can also become dangerous.

Dealing with Pushy Behaviour

Barging behaviour is sometimes about space – whoever owns the space and can move another horse out of that space determines the herd hierarchy.

5 Steps to Building a Positive Partnership

Recently, the ‘alpha theory,’ where the human is dominant (‘alpha’) and the horse is submissive, has become the accepted way to establish relationships with horses. While this type of relationship can make the horse easier to work with, it does …

How Can I Get My Horse to Stand Still for Mounting?

Horses move when being mounted either because they are unbalanced, in pain or being ridden has not been a good experience for them. As with most behavioural problems, check that all your tack fits your horse properly, that his teeth …

Tips for Bridling a Head Shy Horse

Building trust and confidence with a head shy horse takes time, patience and consistency. Treat his head and neck with great respect, never pushing, pulling or hitting him there. When you are grooming him or just hanging out, take the …