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Breed Classes at Dressage at Devon

The Iberian horses started off the Individual Breed Class on Day 3 of Dressage at Devon. They were followed by Oldenburgs, Danish Warmbloods, Appaloosas and more, totaling more than 20 breeds in the Dixon Oval. Each breed is different, with different characteristics, personalities, movements and more. And each breed has devoted followers many of whom […]
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Canadians Shine at Dressage at Devon

Alexandra Dvorak, from Hillsburgh, Ontario, rode to the top of Dressage at Devon’s FEI Young Rider Grand Prix on Fling, a Westfalen gelding on September 27th. Her father and trainer, Olympian Tom Dvorak, purchased Fling in Germany, intending to resell him. When it was time for Alexandra to graduate from a pony to a horse, […]