The Iberian horses started off the Individual Breed Class on Day 3 of Dressage at Devon. They were followed by Oldenburgs, Danish Warmbloods, Appaloosas and more, totaling more than 20 breeds in the Dixon Oval. Each breed is different, with different characteristics, personalities, movements and more. And each breed has devoted followers many of whom just can’t understand why others don’t see that their breed is the best!

It was a bit incongruous hearing a loud bray at Dressage at Devon but it was, after all, the first mule class at Dressage at Devon. Yes, mules.

A mule is sired by a mule is part donkey (sire) and part horse (dam) – often combining the best of each according to many of their owners and riders. Klaus Schengber, head trainer at High Point Hanoverian, was, to his surprise, called to handle a mule in the new class. “I said ‘sure!’ It was intriguing.” Coincidentally, he got a call on the same day from another woman who asked him to give her lessons on a mule. “It was a mule day!” And so, just a week before Dressage at Devon, Klaus rode his first mule. “It was unbelievably, incredibly comfortable. Within two minutes, I was sold on mules.” Though there were pretty significant difference according to Klaus. “The canter was more downhill and that looking ahead was a like looking through a V!”

In today’s class Golden Meadow Lark, won the blue handled by Shannon Hoffman of Zebulon, NC.

The Hanoverians were shown in two classes: 2 and under and 3 and older. The 2 year a under class was won by Steinbeck HTF (Sternlicht Hilltop x Raja HTF), bred and owned by Hilltop Farm. The 3 year old and older class was won by Hotstreak CF (Hotline x Rococo OSH), a bay gelding owned by Mary Beth Stanton DVM.

The Famed Lipizzans
Developed exclusively by the Hapsburg monarchy for its use during times of war and peace, the Lipizzan is the true horse of royalty. Four hundred years of selective breeding have made the Lipizzan one of Europe’s oldest breeds of horse. The Lipizzan’s historical and cultural development enhances its mystique. Physically capable of withstanding the demands of the Airs Above the Ground, this baroque mount was bred to perform haute ecole dressage at the Spanish Riding School and owes its survival to the intervention of American General George S. Patton during World War II.

The Lipizzan class was won by Pluto Sabella, handled by Lorre Allen. While it was a Breed Class and thus shown in-hand, spectators saw just a hint of the Lipizzan performances that are to follow Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The Performance Division Begins
The Performance Division began in the afternoon with the USEF Young Horse Texts for 4, 5 and 6 year olds. The 4 year old class was won by Tiko, a Danish Warmblood mare, owned by Alice Tarjan of Baptistown, NJ with a score of 77.200. The 5 year old class was won by Don Cesar, a Westfalen chestnut owned by Cesar Parra of Whitehorse Station, NJ, with a score of 80.800. Ellert HB (Johnson x Alanda-B) as bay KWPN, won the 6 year old class with a score of 77.000.

Coming Up
Friday features performance classes including FEI Intermediaire II, Junior Team Test, FEI Grand Prix B (Qualifier for Grand Prix Special), FEI Prix St Georges Open CDIW and many more. Plus, hats galore as the ladies put on their haberdashery finery for the Ladies Hat Contest.

Friday will also feature the first performances of the magnificent Tempel Lipizzans, in their first East Coast appearance in years. They are the perfect celebration of the DAD 40th Anniversary.

Dressage at Devon takes place September 29 – October 4 at the Devon Horse Show Grounds in Devon, PA. Dressage at Devon tickets are $10 for general admission. Children 4-12 are $5 and children under 3 are admitted free. Reserved seating is $25 on Friday, $35 on Saturday and $10 on Sunday and is available online at General admission is available at the door.