Belinda Trussell and Anton (;  Megan Lane and Caravella (courtesy Rob Madronich); Brittany Fraser and All In (Cheryl Denault Photography).

Belinda Trussell and Anton (; Megan Lane and Caravella (courtesy Rob Madronich); Brittany Fraser and All In (Cheryl Denault Photography).

National pride is riding high at Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals, Inc., as the Canadian maker of botanical horse health supplements salutes three Omega Alpha Ambassadors — Belinda Trussell, Megan Lane, and Brittany Fraser — for being named to the Canadian Pan American Games Dressage Team. Omega Alpha, a sponsor of the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is excited to cheer on the Ambassadors and all competitors throughout the Games.

Omega Alpha Ambassador Belinda Trussell qualified for the Canadian Pan American Games Big Tour based on a 72.438% average with long-time Grand Prix partner, Anton. Omega Alpha Ambassador Megan Lane joins her on the in the Big Tour, having qualified on a 72.022% average riding Caravella.

“These particular Pan Am Games were a huge goal for me,” confessed Trussell. “I’ve never competed in a Games on home soil and am so excited to do it in front of fellow Canadians. My goal is to win gold. It will be hard — there are some great teams. We will all need ‘personal bests’ and I’m going to try my hardest.”

What Trussell won’t do is let the stress of competition get to her four-legged teammate: “Horses under stress can have stomach upsets, diarrhea, and feel nervous. To compete at the top you need a happy, healthy horse. So I won’t go to a show without Omega Alpha supplements, because my horses need to feel great and perform at their best. I use stomach remedies Biotic 8, Gastra FX, and RegenerEQ, and have seen horse after horse improve with these products. Just recently, I had a horse in training that started to play with his tongue. After a week on RegenerEQ, he completely stopped. I am sure he was suffering from stomach ulcers and RegenerEQ helped. It was amazing to see.”

“I don’t think it’s a coincidence that most of the Canadian Dressage team has Omega Alpha on hand,” Lane agreed. “Preparing for the Pan Ams is essentially similar to other shows, but having Omega Alpha products is a great advantage. When you’re competing at the top you’re always looking for ways to make horses as happy and healthy as possible, and Omega Alpha has benefitted my daily program because I know my horses have the best products — and as a result, perform to the best of their abilities. For that, I rest assured, and so do my horses!”

Trussell and Lane will be joined on the Canadian Dressage Team by Brittany Fraser, who has also relied on Omega Alpha products to bring her and All In to the top of the Pan American Games Small Tour ranks with Prix St. Georges qualifying scores averaging above 73%.

“It is very important to keep my horses as healthy as possible, and having Omega Alpha on my team is a huge bonus,” said Fraser. Fraser and her Dutch Warmblood All In will be competing as one of Canada’s two riders in the Small Tour division, alongside Chris von Martels and Zilverstar.

Fraser has loved using Omega Alpha products for years. Some of her favorite supplements include RegenerEQ and Gastra-FX because they promote gastro-intestinal health and keep her horses’ appetites strong during the stress of travel and showing. “I want to make sure my horses feel their best at all times. Omega Alpha helps me do that,” explained Fraser.

While Gastra-FX and RegenerEQ both support gastro-intestinal health by normalizing stomach functions, RegenerEQ also promotes an increased appetite to assist in weight gain. Formulated with ingredients to maintain gastrointestinal health, RegenerEQ is an ideal supplement to compensate for the stress of travel, competition, and new environments.

Fraser headed to the 2015 Pan American Games with some of her personal best scores, and says if she can beat her scores again it would be “like a dream come true.”

“I am very excited for the Pan Ams, and of course a bit nervous; nervous in a good way,” said Fraser. Out of all the Omega Alpha supplements Fraser includes in her horses’ diets, she is bringing Gastra FX and Equisel-BCAA, a post-competition recovery paste supplement, to the Pan American Games.

The 2015 Pan Am Games will prove especially meaningful for all three Omega Alpha Ambassadors and teammates, providing them with an opportunity to also qualify for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Omega Alpha award-winning products include supplements for respiratory, digestive, joint, hormonal, and immune health, as well as products for detoxification, muscle rehabilitation, endurance, and performance. Using company formulas that have been developed, tested, and successful for over two decades, horse-and-rider partners like those on the Canadian Pan American Games Dressage Team can go for the gold while remaining healthy and happy in the international spotlight.

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