Owner, breeder, trainer, promoter, customs broker, daily newsletter editor and restaurant/teletheatre owner Glen Todd is one of the busiest guys in horse racing. His horses have won hundreds of races and scooped millions of dollars in purses over nearly 50 years at Hastings Racetrack in Vancouver, BC. Along with racing partner Patrick Kinsella, the pair were co-winners of the Sovereign Award for Outstanding Owners in 2011.

In this candid Canadian Thoroughbred Q&A, Todd – a B.C. Sports Hall of Famer – answers a variety of questions about why and how he got his start as a trainer, what a typical day looks like for him, who is currently inhabiting his barn on his leased 50-acre property in Langley, his various business ventures, why he started a newsletter nine years ago, his thoughts on the state of racing in the province and in general, and how he manages to get everything done.

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