The course has been described by many riders as tough and twisty. From my course walk yesterday I see many instances where laser-accurate riding is required to make the short routes. The Argentinian chef d’equipe whom I bumped into on the course remarked that it was a good track which all riders should be capable of finishing although it is obvious the easier long routes are very long, so the time penalties accrued will be very punishing to scores.

Here’s to safe rounds for all and a day of great sport.


Not sure what it is but it looks delicious and you get a big bowl of it for about $12 CDN.

Today marks the halfway point in my Pan Am journey here in Lima. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a more than a bit homesick; this trip marks the longest time I have ever been away from home. Even though we have been very busy, there are still times I get a little sad because:

– I miss my husband, first and foremost, even though we video chat every day thanks to WhatsApp. To keep him out of trouble he has been tasked with building a garden shed from scratch while I am away and it is coming along beautifully. So there is that.

– I miss my kitties, Stinky and Dexter. Speaking of cats, there is a famous cat park here where the stray kitties are cared for by kind local benefactors who see that they are fed, spayed and neutered, and have veterinary care. Such a nice contrast to many countries I have visited where animals are not treated very well at all. I doubt that I will have time to visit, but there are some pics and info here.

“First there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is…” (with apologies to Donovan)

– I miss the sunshine and warmth. When I first started writing this at 4:00 a.m. this morning, I had only seen the slightest wash of sunlight for a couple of hours one afternoon days ago barely enough to cast a shadow. Then tada! The sun came out for real this afternoon for the first time and it was glorious (and blinding). We can actually see mountains nearby that we had no idea were there before.

Generally, though, every day here is cold and overcast and misty. The optimistic forecast says “partly cloudy” almost every day but what is the other ‘part’? I think it must be “cold mist.” The weather here is perfect for the horses, but not so much for those of use who need to use our hands to make a living. Even the indoor areas are cold because there are no heating systems installed in the buildings and they are of a breezy ‘open air’ design. Tomorrow cross-country day is promising to be sunny. I will believe it when I see it. Go Canada!