Equine Ownership

Letting Them Go

Thinking about end of life decisions for our equine partners is something we would prefer to avoid, but being prepared can help make it easier.

10 Facts About Twitches

Some consider twitching cruel, but if used correctly twitches are a humane form of restraint. Read this article to learn more about the twitch.

Bridle Fitting Basics

It isn’t too often you see a horse ridden without a bridle. All those straps, parts and pieces serve practical functions for the horse and rider.
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A Perfect Match: Find an instructor who is compatible with you

The perfect instructor is someone that brings out the best in you. You might not always be friends (and you don’t need to be, outside of the lessons), but you respect the person because he or she knows your strengths and weaknesses, are skilled at what they teach, and respect you and your goals. You […]

Proof of Ownership

Find out what forms of permanent horse identification are commonly used, which ones are safe and which ones are most effective.